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IR35 Free Afternoon Events

 As you are probably aware, IR35 new legislation will come into effect as of April 2020. SecureTech & our exclusive partner would collectively like to invite any Fire & Security clients to a free afternoon event to present all of the facts around IR35. This will help us all to prepare and mitigate against any issues or confusion for when IR35 comes in to action next year.

Both of these events will be presented by our MD (Ryan Derry) & our Umbrella partner who are also an REC (Recruitment & Employment Confederation) partner with regards to IR35. They provide both accountancy for Ltd company contractors and an Umbrella for Contractors, and will be attending this meeting with us. With the inaccuracies of HMRC's 'CEST' tool we have partnered with this exclusive partner who have a better tool to identify if roles are inside or outside IR35, with insurances if the decision is later deemed incorrect. Between us we can help look through your upcoming roles and help to potentially change the way things work currently to bring certain roles outside of the IR35 as mentioned before. We can also prepare your team for roles within IR35 and ensure compliance is air tight from April 2020.

SecureTech are now fully prepared for IR35, however with the new legislation putting the decision of IR35 status onto you the client in most cases, it is crucial that we all get this right and avoid any penalties in future. Getting IR35 right will also help you to attract more candidates, especially if you are able to put some jobs outside of IR35 and therefore beating your competition to the best candidates in the market (We can help you to do this). It is also crucial for your business to work with the correct partners for recruitment come April 2020, any agencies that you work with who are not up to speed with IR35, will cause sanctions and penalties for you in future.

We successfully ran the below two events, however due to demand we may look at running another 2 events in 2020. 

If you are interested in attending the next events or want some further information, we can potentially look at organising a separate Skype presentation for international clients or a separate trip to your offices. Please get in contact on +44 208 059 5959 or



LONDON - Complete / Future dates to be added

  • Thursday 21st November 2019
  • Limited Tickets Remaining
  • This will be an afternoon Presentation to various clients for roughly 2/3 hours.
  • Register your interest today by calling us on  +44 208 059 5959  or


MANCHESTER - Complete / Future dates to be added


  • Thursday 28th November 2019
  • Limited Tickets Remaining
  • This will be an afternoon Presentation to various clients for roughly 2/3 hours.
  • To register your interest in this event please contact us on  +44 208 059 5959  or

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